Requirements Engineering

KEREVAL and requirements engineering

You would like advices to develop your requirements engineering process ? You would like to be help to improve your process ? Our engineery staff supports you in all steps of software development.

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KEREVAL helps you in the definition and the formalization of your requirements while giving you an objective opinion on the quality of these. This advice service is based on :

  • Requirements development
  • Requirements management
  • Animation of workgroups

KEREVAL helps you in requirements development, through specific advices on the structuring of a requirements repository (make easier the repositories maintenance, the traceability and various impact analysis), the requirements formalization (level of description, the quality of usable requirements and the use of modeling based on customer needs) and the proofreading of requirements repositories.

KEREVAL helps you on requirements management through specific advices on traceability implementation, indicators monitoring (requirements stability, conformity of the solution against the requirements through tests) as well as the management of requirements repositories versions related to delivery.

Moreover,  through the animation of workgroup , we offer to assist and to coach the teams MOA / MOE and project managers in the gathering of requirements and needs, but also in the translation of needs in solutions.

Test Fonctionnel

Engineering contribution

Through its expertise in requirements engineering KEREVAL offers :

  • Describe and identify your real needs thanks to needs collection activities of your business.
  • Check compliance thanks to the requirements analysis and monitoring of their taking account during the project.
  • Control the perimeter “contractualised” and contractual of the project by obliging to justify any development in relation to your requirements and constraints.
  • Improve the quality of products from wrinting of specifications by checking the completeness and the relevance of traceability links toward requirements.
  • Improve the relevance of acceptance tests by facilitating the verification of the requirements coverage, completeness acceptance testing and optimizing the test strategy based on the criticality of requirements.
  • Reduce risks in maintenance phase by providing to the maintenance teams a updated repository of requirements, and by conducting impact analysis on the requirements changing.

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