Cybersecurity Testing



  • Web Application Audits : Flash audits based on the top 10 vulnerabilities referenced by OWASP and Audits ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard).
  • Intrusion Test: Attack from the perspective of someone outside the organization (hacker) or internal. Fingerprinting, Vulnerability scanner, Implementation of penetration tests (SQL Injection, XSS, Local File Include, Command Injection).
  • Technical risk analysis on IF architecture
  • Fuzzing of application
  • Audits of configurations
  • Audits of applicative architectures & networks
  • Post-mortem analysis of a corrupt system

Equipped and safe test platform

  • Safe test room
  • Application Access via VPN
  • W3af, dradis, Metasploit, Burp Proxy


Traceability, coverage and tests progress

  • Short summary for decision makers
  • Detailed synthesis for developers
  • Presentation of test results
  • Demonstration of detected faults


Conseil - Accompagnement


Our teaching and tailored approach to your IT allows you to gradually integrate security concepts within your teams.
We help you to secure your applications throughout the development process, from static code analysis up to systems tests.



  • Vulnerabilities of WEB applications
  • Secure development of WEB applications