Kereval launches the 1st session of interoperability tests for the Swiss Ministry of Health

Évènements 7 November 2019

Kereval won, 6 months ago, a large tender from the Swiss Ministry of Health (Federal Office of Public Health) concerning the implementation of a Compliance Testing Laboratory in the field of interoperability of IHE (Integrated the Healthcare Enterprise) profiles in the Swiss context.

The project, foresees each year, over the next 8 years, testing sessions with about ten Swiss hospital communities to verify their information systems (IS) architecture with their respective editors.

A team of three Kereval employees will launch the first four-day test session in Zurich on November 5. It will verify that the IS architecture of the different hospital communities respect the standards that enable the interoperability of all their software tools.

This project is the result of seven years’ expertise in this area. Kereval is indeed accredited by the Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee) for its HealthLab IHE laboratory, according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard under the number 1-2347, Tests, for the evaluation of the conformity and interoperability of healthcare software in relation to the IHE standard. Its testers are certified CFTL ISTQB, REQB.