Since its creation, Kereval is strongly committed to a quality approach. This approach is based on the interest of our teams to satisfy all the stakeholders at the heart of our projects. This is how all of our accreditations obtained by our different testing laboratories fit in:

From the COFRAC, on the ISO/CEI 17025:2017 standard for “Analysis and testing laboratories” in the field of e-health. The ANSSI also qualifies Kereval as “Information Systems Security Audit Providers” in the framework of the decree n°2015-350 of March 27, 2015. Finally, Kereval is certified as ” AEF ISOBUS test laboratory ” to evaluate the certification of ISOBUS products for AEF.

Generic testing laboratory

Based on the experience of its existing laboratories, Kereval has developed a structure allowing to deploy a test laboratory simply, quickly and according to a specific business context. This generic laboratory, this reference, allows to answer a recurrent need of tests and according to a defined reference frame.

Test environment

Each of our laboratories relies on a dedicated test environment that is composed of documentation, methods and tools used in the testing sessions. This environment must be received, installed and qualified by the laboratory members. Each evolution of the repository can generate an update of the environment which must be qualified again by the laboratory. Kereval can participate in the design, development and maintenance of the test environment.

Test Sessions

The test sessions are carried out in three distinct phases: preparation, test execution and report issuance. The preparation phase allows all stakeholders to be synchronized on the intervention schedule. The tests are then carried out according to the requirements of the standard during a defined period, in an impartial and objective manner. A report on the results obtained is written once the session is over and sent to the governance for a decision on the conformity of the system under test.

Our laboratories

Evaluation of health information systems

Mandated by IHE Europe (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise), Kereval assesses the interoperability of information systems based on the CAS (Conformity Assessment Scheme). At the end of the test sessions, a conformity report is published on the IHE website. This report can be used as a basis for a regional conformity scheme. Kereval is the only testing laboratory in the world to assess the compliance of healthcare IS with IHE profiles. This laboratory is accredited under ISO/IEC 17025:2017, delivered by COFRAC.

Evaluation of Electronic Patient Records

Kereval, an independent test engineering laboratory, is recognized as a specialist in software quality.
Mandated by the Swiss Ministry of Health (FOPH), Kereval evaluates the interoperability of systems involved in the implementation of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) on the basis of the Swiss Interoperability Conformity Assessment Scheme (SIAs). These technical assessments serve as a basis for certification bodies to issue a certificate of conformity to Swiss communities implementing the EPR.

Evaluation of the generalized Tiers Payant

Kereval, an independent test engineering laboratory, is mandated by the Inter-AMC Association (Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française, Fédération Française des Assurances and Centre Technique des Institutions de Prévoyance). Kereval designs, maintains and develops a test environment available to AMCs (Assurance Maladie Complémentaire) in order to evaluate the interoperability of their information systems with respect to the reference system. These evaluations allow the Association to deliver the authorization for the deployment of the Generalized Third-Payment System.


Kereval is qualified as an Information Systems Security Audit Provider (PASSI) by the ANSSI on 3 scopes:

  • Intrusion tests
  • Configuration audit
  • Architecture audit

Kereval réalise les audits en se basant sur des référentiels de sécurité reconnus comme ceux de Kereval performs audits based on recognized security standards such as those of the ANSSI or the CIS (Health Interoperability Framework).

Évaluation des composants agricoles

Kereval is one of only five AEF ISOBUS testing laboratories in the world that can certify ISOBUS products for the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation).

ISOBUS is one of the leading technologies that enables “Plug and Play” for any tractor and equipment combination. Agricultural electronics products are tested for compliance with ISO 11783 and the complementary AEF ISOBUS Guidelines. These tests are performed using the AEF certification tool.

Kereval also offers consulting, training and pre-cKereval also offers consulting, training and pre-certification services in this field.