Kereval, an expert in the testing business, also offers innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers. These solutions can be :

  • Test platforms combining test and requirements management and automation capabilities in specific contexts such as interoperability and compliance.
  • Test tools: addressing issues such as health data exchange, embedded systems or artificial intelligence

In addition to the installation of support and maintenance, Kereval also offers the development of new tools that can be integrated into the platforms


Interoperability test bench

IHE Gazelle is an open-source, web-based test platform that supports a wide range of interoperability testing tools suitable for validating interface compliance with IHE Profiles and project-specific standards-based interoperability specifications. Vendors can validate their products and eHealth projects to procure the interfaces they deploy.

Since 2011, the Gazelle Test Bed has been maintained by Kereval which provides a robust software development environment and deploys a quality management system compatible with the certification requirements of ISO 17025 and Guide 65.

Test management

The Gazelle Test Manager supports compliance and interoperability testing of IHE Profiles, according to their requirements. This tool also enables the management of test campaigns, the generation of test reports and the addition of non-IHE tests to the set.

Requirements management

The Gazelle Assertion Manager manages IHE Profiles requirements (assertions) and links them to entities covering them in Gazelle Test Management (test, test step, Technical Framework rule, model- based validation item).

Simulation and validation of health protocols

Gazelle provides a set of simulators and validators to emulate IHE stackolders, facilitating the tests of IHE transactions supported by eHealth products. PAM, SWF.b, XDS-I.b, XDS.b, XCPD, LAW, SVS, PIX, PDQ, PIXv3, PDQv3, LTW, HL7 FHIR

Gazelle is also a “Testing as a Service” tool and enables the user to use the validators and simulator through API that can be accessed by Continuous integration

Management of connectathons

The IHE Gazelle management software supervises and coordinates testing activities and events, like Connectathons and Projectathons.

The Gazelle Proxy captures on-the-wire messages exchanged between products to validate conformance.


Embedded test platform

The Oryx platform is dedicated to test automation for embedded software.

Thanks to an adaptive architecture, it can be used to address the various issues of the embedded world to perform :

  • functional tests
  • performance tests
  • compliance tests
  • cybersecurity tests

The level of automation provided by this platform is particularly interesting for validating safety-critical software and ensuring the non-regression of embedded software during upgrades.


C/C++ interface testing

Konformity is a software program for checking the compliance of C/C++ interfaces in source code.
This software for static analysis of C/C++ code can be used to verify that the source code implements or uses the interfaces defined by a norm, a standard or by a customer or a partner.
This software can be integrated in to a continuous integration chain, a development environment or a test and acceptance environment.