Interoperability is the ability of information systems to communicate with each other without special adaptation. For this to be possible, the systems must exchange according to a set of reference systems.

Since 2012 and the beginning of its collaboration with IHE-Europe, Kereval has developed an expertise in interoperability issues in healthcare. On the “test” aspects, first, by participating in the development of the Gazelle interoperability test platform and by supporting the organization of international test sessions. Then, afterwards, on consulting and support missions for the definition of interoperability repositories in France and Europe (Ireland, Greece, Switzerland in particular).

Since 2019, Kereval is also an important actor in the evolution of the interoperability framework for health information systems (CI-SIS), maintained by the ANS (Agence du numérique en santé).

Define a repository

The definition of an interoperability repository is based on the study of use cases and standards available to meet a specific need.

In this context, Kereval’s teams can help you to

  • Analyze the business needs and select the relevant standards;
  • Write interoperability specifications;
  • Train editors and users on standards, interoperability specifications, and the use of testing tools.

Kereval implements the methodology defined by the ANS for the writing of interoperability specifications.

Propose an adapted tooling

To complete the interoperability repository, it is important to propose an adapted test tooling that will allow to verify the correct implementation of the repository. A test plan

Kereval applies a methodology and best practices to assist you in

  • the design and writing of test plans ;
  • the specification of new test tools;
  • the configuration of existing test tools;
  • the use of test tools.

Test compliance and interoperability

The Gazelle testbed has a suite of tools to test the compliance and interoperability of health information systems.

In order to test the proper implementation of your interoperability framework in the information systems, Kereval’s teams offer you:

  • Hosting / Provision of a test environment adapted to your needs;
  • Supervision and maintenance of the test environment;
  • Development of specific test tools.

Examples of tools :

  • Interoperability test manager;
  • CDA document validator;
  • QR code validator;
  • GAM simulator (IHE PAM / PAM France profile).

Connectathon and projectathon

For more than 20 years, IHE has been inviting vendors to test their solutions against each other for a week, the interoperability frameworks published by the association. The connectathon is a major multi-year exchange forum that helps maintain, promote and adopt interoperability specifications. On a smaller scale, projectathons focus on a specific project scope.

Kereval provides technical and/or organizational support for the European and North American connectathons as well as for multiple projectathons in Europe and internationally; such as recently in Ireland, Gabon, France, Switzerland and Greece.

Kereval also assists editors in their preparation:

  • Training on interoperability frameworks and testing tools
  • Support for the execution of preparatory tests.

Conformity assessment

The HealthLab and InterAMC laboratories carry out test sessions for publishers on the basis of a test repository. Reports are issued attesting to the correct implementation of the specifications in the tested solution.

They trust us

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