Test engineering laboratory

Kereval is a test engineering laboratory, providing consulting and expertise in software, functional, compliance, interoperability, cybersecurity and performance testing.

Its teams are composed of passionate experts in software testing (information systems and embedded systems). Each year, the company dedicates between 15 and 20% of its activity to service innovation and R&D in partnership with academic laboratories. It has accredited laboratories (COFRAC* accreditation for our IHE Health Lab, AEF for our ISOBUS Lab and ANSSI for our PASSI Lab).

Kereval is an independent company created in 2002. It is driven by the desire to satisfy its customers while focusing on the well-being of its employees

Kereval and health

Kereval has been working in e-health for a long time following a partnership, still very active, with IHE-Europe. Since 2012, this international association has entrusted Kereval with services using the Gazelle interoperability testing platform, created 20 years ago by INRIA.

Kereval’s clients are software publishers, industrial companies and health ministries worldwide.

In France, the ANS, the EFS, the GCS e-santé and the mutual insurance companies use the very good knowledge of the health professions of the Kereval teams to accelerate their projects of development of the interoperability of their information systems.

Want to join us?

Kereval is first and foremost a family business that cares about the well-being of its employees. More than words, a real social policy has been created.

In addition to our social benefits, the increase in skills of our employees and our R&D and innovation activities (16% of our activity) demonstrate a real desire to develop.

The diversity of our projects combined with an international context will make you want to join us.

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