The Gazelle interoperability testing platform dedicated to health information systems (HIS) has been selected for the Interoperability Award of the Talents de la e-santé 2021 competition, organised by the ANS (Agence du numérique en santé).

This open source platform contains a large heritage of compliance tests to international standards and also a significant part of the compliance tests of the French interoperability framework (CI-SIS).

It contributes to boosting the interoperability of SIS in France and internationally.

Kereval develops and maintains the Gazelle platform in collaboration with IHE-Europe, a European association that brings together the main leaders and players in health IT in Europe (Agfa Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, European Association of Hospital Managers, European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP), Société Française de Radiologie, European Society of Radiology, COCIR, INRIA, etc.).

In France, an instance of the Gazelle platform, deployed in 2020 via the ANS interoperability test space, in collaboration with Interop’Santé, is used by various health organisations such as the ANS, the CNSA or the GCS e-Santé Bretagne. Other Gazelle platforms have been deployed for the EFS and the Inter-AMC association (comprising the Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française, the Fédération Française des Assurances and the Centre Technique des Institutions de Prévoyance).

The Gazelle platform, initially developed by a research team from INRIA (Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique) in partnership with IHE-Europe, includes tools for verifying compliance with interoperability standards in the health sector (HL7, Dicom, FHIR, CDA, SNOMED, etc.) and with IHE profiles, such as simulators, validators and interoperability test management tools.

The innovation and originality of the Gazelle platform is its ability to adapt to new interoperability use cases at national and international levels (ease of development of new test tools). As an example, the Gazelle platform deployed in the ANS interoperability test space includes test plans and test tools for different CI-SIS components (CR-BIO, medical synthesis component, liaison book, etc.). Recently, tools have been added to the Interoperability Test Space to test vendor implementations for compliance with the INS (National Health Identity) whose specifications were produced by Interop’Santé.

The different types of users of the Gazelle platform are

The authorities of the Ministries of Health that produce interoperability frameworks and wish to make them enforceable
Health and medico-social establishments that test tools/systems that include interoperability functionalities
Manufacturers who test their own implementations of interoperability requirements (via compliance tests and interoperability tests). For example, during the European and American Connectathons, more than 400 participants meet twice a year for a week to test each other, and the SEGUR referencing will address more than 200 French manufacturers.

Discover the Gazelle platform in video

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