Kereval, an SME based in Rennes Métropole and technical partner of the international association IHE-Europe, is hosting the operations center of the 2021 European e-health Connectathon, from June 14 to 18.

This annual event will allow the 25 registered suppliers to test the interoperability of 31 digital products dedicated to the health sector. 115 participants are expected to attend, mainly in remote mode. The participants come from 16 countries, from Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Tunisia, Switzerland) but also from the United States, India, South Korea and South Africa.

For the first time, a Connectathon will be an opportunity to test the International Patient Summary used for the European Health Pass (Green Pass). The most popular topics for this edition are security, document sharing and teleradiology.

Kereval, as the technical team of IHE-Europe, will welcome about 15 people coming from 4 countries (Germany, France, Netherlands and Switzerland) to ensure the role of remote test monitor (verification and validation) but also to ensure the IT supervision and the inter-participants coordination of this event.

Previously organized as a face-to-face event and then as a remote event in 2020, the organizers wished to return to face-to-face events due to the more favorable health context by gathering some of the 31 mobilized test monitors. The return to face-to-face is planned for the 2022 European Connectathon in Switzerland in September.

The challenge of the first online edition was proudly met by the organizers last November, with more than 140 participants from 27 companies from Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden), the United States and Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the testing component of the event, IHE-Europe is organizing free online conferences to share success stories from several European countries and Gabon, and to raise awareness of the progress of interoperability topics internationally; several sessions will focus on the European Green Pass.

IHE (Integrating healthcare enterprise) is a global initiative that enables users and providers of healthcare IT systems to work together to enable interoperability of their products. The IHE-Europe association, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, brings together the main leaders and players in health IT in Europe who aim to improve health IT for the benefit of patients, healthcare organizations and industrial suppliers.

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